3 TYPES OF PEOPLE WHO DON’T GIVE A FUCK (And How to Become One of Them)
sarah knight

I am an introvert, my IQ measured @ 140 when I was 10 years old, my zodiac sign is Taurus, I am divorced with 2 adult sons, I am a registered Democrat, and I have been a nurse for about 27 years. Most of my nursing career has been in the Operating Room in Neurosurgery, starting when I was 24 years old. I have an identical twin who is also an OR nurse, and she is my best/only really close friend. I am sending this because I have spent the majority of my 50 years of life NOT GIVING A FUCK, so I really APPRECIATED your insights on the subject! I believe that there are multitudes of “ASSHOLES” going about their lives with the misguided assumption that they are the “ENLIGHTENED” ones. I’ve never cared what other people thought of me or said about me, nor have I gone along with the crowd just because everyone else was stupid enough to just follow along like SHEEP! JUST TO CLARIFY, I “have NEVER GIVEN A FUCK” about what MOST OTHER PEOPLE SAY or THINK ABOUT ME, THERE ARE SOME THINGS “I DO GIVE A GREAT DEAL OF FUCKS ABOUT”! My sons and the rest of my family will always be my first priority. I recently started chemotherapy so my health has become something I must pay more attention to than I have done so in the past. I CARE a great deal for children, around the world, who are suffering from preventable diseases and hunger, and especially those who are dying from HIV/AIDS and starvation/famine. I am also quite concerned about the escalation in the # of occurrences regarding the senseless acts of terrorism and all of those who have been touched by them in any way. I am becoming increasingly despondent about the future of this country. Considering all of the BULLSHIT POLITICAL GAMES being played by ALL of the disappointing choices running for US President in this election, the future is looking quite BLEAK! I totally agree with you that Donald Trump is an ENORMOUS “ASSHOLE”! I really enjoyed reading your work and I’d love to get the chance to read more. Keep doing you, because you’re doing it very well!

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