Portfolio Research

The three portfolio pages I researched belong to the following:

  1. Ryan Michael J.
  2. Christoph Kulmer
  3. Simbrella

Ryan Michael J.

<page here>

I liked the loading icon because the animation for the spinning is aesthetically pleasing. His page was also simple, consisting of only 3 parts: Home, About & Contact, and Recent Work.

One special user interaction was the menu at the side. When you’re on a certain part of the page, like the Home page for example, the text would be a different color and have a strikethrough line. Also, when you clicked to go to a new part, the page would automatically scroll down to that section. Finally, there were pictures that would move with the mouse as you mouse over them (located on the last page).

Cristoph Kulmer

<page here>

I liked how the site looks because of the color scheme and fonts used. There were also many parts of the page to look at, so the viewer can learn a lot about Kulmer. Lastly, I liked the use of pictures to portray Kulmer as they were professional and interesting to look at.

Like Michael, Kulmer had a navigation bar that would take you to the different parts of the page. However, as you hover over each option, the text color changes. There’s also a picture in the About that moves with the mouse, as well as the text. Finally, there’s pictures in the Media section that will appear when an eye when you hover over them.


<page here>

I like the wheel concept in the transitions. It also has a nice blue/orange color scheme.

When you click on the menu, the options transition to the center from the right of the screen. When you click on one of the options, the wheel on the left of the screen turns to that specific section. This site also allows for more interaction with the user because in some sections the user can use a their scroll wheel to view more of the page on the right. There is also an interactive map to view the company’s locations. Users can drag their mouse on the screen to view different areas of the map.


These examples interested me because of some pictures or artwork featured in the thumbnails of the site I visited to find them. I feel inspired to add animations and interactions for the user because I want people viewing my page to take interest and see what I can code, just from viewing my portfolio. Specifically, some functionalities I want to add is a drop down menu bar, pictures/backgrounds that move with the mouse, and background/text color change.

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