The Perks of Being a Web Dev

I wouldn’t really consider myself a hardcore web developer since I do most of my work in class, but there’s some fun to creating websites and coding in general. Allow me to discuss what I like and dislike when developing:


One of my favorite aspects of coding is the action of doing it. The act of doing it is satisfying. Hearing the sound of my keyboard and seeing lines of code being typed out is oddly satisfying. Web development also makes me feel productive. I get the sense that I’m doing something that could impact others positively in the future. In the end, the best part is a finished (or almost-finished) product, created through my hard work and efforts.


What’s there to dislike? (Nothing)

In all seriousness, I find it frustrating sometimes when I can’t get a certain function to work. Sometimes I feel that everything is going wrong and I struggle to find a solution. It makes me uncomfortable because I don’t enjoy not knowing what to do. Additionally, merge conflicts are upsetting, especially since I’m the one in my group responsible for fixing them.

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