Is It OK For Your Kids To Pretend To Shoot Each Other?
K. Thor Jensen

As a Child care worker, I think gun play has its place. I know that at daycare we discourage the use of guns in childcare as the play tends to get wild when the children use it. And with this generation of immigrants coming in we do have children who may have been exposed to the actual violent use of guns. At home I do let my son use nerf guns and pretend weapons to encourage his imagination and role playing skills. I do talk to him though about when a gun is to be used and how it is to be used. I think that there is a time and place for toy guns, but that it needs to followed up with talking with your child and having an open communication with your child. As a childcare worker we don’t know what the children have been exposed to. I know that with my son he is not allowed to play violent video games or watch movies and shows that some of his friends have watched but we have talked about why he can’t play those games or watch those movies.