Start-ups with Friends

Don’t do it, just don’t.
Why not?

No matter how long you’ve known your friends for, you have never share real responsibilities with them, playing barbies, going on holiday and setting up camp sites together do not count… It’ll be like moving in with your boyfriend of 3 months, all lovey dovey at first but the moaning and bitchiness will commence because you don’t know them well enough to compromises. Compromises doesn’t exist within the business operations. You can’t compromise with someone who is lazy as shit, and continuously picking up the unfinished craps for the incompetent partner. You can’t compromise with someone who speaks for England but there’s no actions to follow. That’s not how business is suppose to work, these people would get the axe from the corporate world within seconds unless you are the boss, or boss’s daughters or sleeping with the managements or just plain lucky.

You need a like-minded person, someone who can take initiative, someone who doesn’t just share your visions, but truly believes in it to drive it through. Out of 10 pairs of best friends, only 1 pair would make it work. So, seriously reconsider before you jump the gun.

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