Response to Juhi Pande’s Lecture talk about City Story

When I heard the concept of City Story, I immediately thought of how similar it was to the Instagram account Humans of New York. The difference between the two is that Humans of New York solely focuses on the story and lives of people where they actually quote the voices of the people. For City Story, the creators of the site are the only voices of the stories and they share their own views and opinions of places and people.

When I got to the City Story website, I was drawn to the compiled stories on one map, where you can see the relation and distances between each. I figured that this would be a good source for when I want to explore new places in London or Mumbai. To be honest though, I was a bit confused by all the different icons on the map and was disappointed to find no legend in sight.

During the lecture, I had asked how biased Juhi was with her writing and her stories. I asked this because initially I had thought that she was sharing the stories of certain people. She responded back saying that she is very biased. Little did I know that there are no quotes by the people and the stories about the places are solely about the authors opinion.

All in all, I do see that using the author’s opinion creates a certain tone and attitude that could appeal to readers.