Disney’s Moana

Investigating the morals of modern day fairy tales and short stories, Disney’s Moana; an animated film based on an adventurous Hawaiian American teenager who is on a mission to save her people has been my favorite so far.

Aside from the amazing work put into the movie and the breathtaking graphics and animations, Moana has influential morals and messages that are essential throughout our lives. Disregarding age, gender or nationality; the Disney movie translates international life lessons.

Lesson One: You can’t shelter your loved ones from the world forever. You have to learn to let go and trust that they will be okay.

This is a significant lesson to parents and young children today because as generations pass by, there always seems to be something negative going on in today's society. From terrorist attacks to local city kidnappings and robberies. It is easy for us to be overprotective of our loved ones. It gives us a sense of relief to keep them on a constant watch. However, as the movie teaches; we have to learn to trust or hope that thinks will be okay. We simply cannot keep our loved ones from all harm. It is merely impossible.

Lesson Two: Encouragement from friends and loved ones is a powerful motivation to keep us going in difficult times. Even the strongest people can feel afraid.

The stated lesson above is extremely important because as individuals, the most important support and motivation system is encouragement. In our everyday lives we have a form of motivation, whether that would be through your teachers, peers, loved ones, music, artists and in other cases, if you are religious you can also be motivated by a higher power. Without encouragement and a hope to succeed, we would be nothing.

Lesson Three: Patience is a Virtue

Nothing comes easy in life. Hard work, dedication and time takes you far. It is often hard for others to understand this because as much as people put in the work and dedicate themselves, it is hard to be patient for something you’ve worked for. “All things come to those who wait”

Moana speaks to modern audiences because its moral lessons are universal and essential to life and happiness. It possesses a timeless quality because the lectures are taught from our parents and ancestors but not emphasized enough. Directing more attention to these messages will not only help parents but also give children an understanding of real life. not everything comes easy, nor is everything fair. However, hard work, dedication, and hope will always encourage us to pursue the impossible.

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