Design Sprint #1: Familiar Foods

Fruit. It is all about the fruit. During my first design sprint, I had the opportunity to interview several students who attend school in the Bay Area. We talked a lot about food and what they enjoy eating. I began to notice a consistent theme: fruit. Every young person was willing to eat fruit at school (even if they wouldn’t eat school lunch). In fact, it is a pretty hot commodity at some schools.

So, why fruit? At first I thought it may be due to sugar. Kids love sugar and fruit has sugar in it. However, as I talked to more people and unpacked the interviews, the idea arose that perhaps young people ate fruit due to it being familiar. The fruit that is served in school is exactly the same as the fruit young people eat outside of school. Fruit is familiar, easily identifiable and consistent in taste. Our kids want to eat, they just need to recognize what they are eating.

This insight led me to test a prototype that was focused on fruit consumption throughout the day. Though the prototype wasn’t a huge success in terms of execution (failing forward!), it emphasized the importance of designing experiences that provoke expression and feedback. For my next design sprint, I intend to create an interview experience that will enable feedback from a far greater swath of young people and provide them a fun and engaging way to express their food culture.

Brainstorming session for possible prototypes.