Chronicles of a newbie coder

I wake up today at 4, earliest I have gotten up in a couple of months. I should be foggy and tired; I am however bright eyed and excited. I sit in my favorite spot on the couch. I then start “not coding” I say not coding because what I have been doing is generating errors longer than my actual code. However, today I wrote a function that actually executed with zero errors, this girl is on fire!

I spent my day hunched over my desk. One minute it was 8 and the next it was 4. I was learning about OOP, the thing is all these YouTube tutorials are so interesting that once you get on one you end up watching the whole playlist. After what seemed like an hour at most, I peeked at the corner of my PC and saw it was 30 minutes to the deadline, at that point I think something in me just snapped and I put my thinking hat on. In 20 minutes I had some code for two questions. When I tested it on a compiler it worked fine. Girl on fire yet again! Then I went to the online platform! That’s when everything came crumbling down, errors, oh so many errors.

at this point, i almost had no more energy. a quick visit to slack and my spirit was right back up there. so many people willing to help and chances to contribute in other people’s work. slack might just have made top three in my list of wins today.

As I write this I feel bruised, but the nice kind of bruised. You know like when you slid across the grass on your bare butt and it stung so much when you took a bath. Or when you eat so much sugarcane and your mouth hurts all day. That’s my situation right now. I am so excited to be learning all these great things and getting closer to being a developer yet I am so spent and exhausted. It’s 6:18; 2 hours after when our tasks were due. I hope tomorrow will be better, yet again don’t know if I want it to be better. I am having one heck of a ride.