Art-Falling in love with Museum- The Met.

One thing in New York will always make me happy is that went to the museum to meet my favorable artworks. I strongly indulge in “contemporary art” especially “abstract expression.” It is so hard to express how I am excited about these art works, and I always feel my spirit was recharged by these artwork.

So, I want to introduce the one of the famous and the world biggest museum in New York- The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met.)

You can choose the type of art you like to explore, and last weekend I only have time to explore my favorite type of art- Contemporary art- as following.

Mark Rothko(1903–1970)
Mark Rothko.(1903–1970)

Mark Rothko.(1903-1970)

Mark Rothko is my favorite artist in the contemporary art. Rothko always resisted attempts to interpret his painting, and he was mainly concerned with viewer's experience, the merging of work and recipient beyond verbal comprehensive. I think this is why I am so addicted to his work.

In the following also has few art work I want to share with you, and if you like them you can go to The Met to feel them.

Jackson pollock(1912-1956)

Jackson pollock brought together elements of Cubism, Surrealism, and Impressionism, and transcended them all. (ok....I am not that fall in love with him compared with Rothko lol) But I will to do some researches on him I promise and I will share with you all.

Clyfford Still (1904-1980)
Franz Kline(1910–1962)

I hope you all like them. See you next time.