An Exhaustive, No-BS List of the Best Places to Work in New York City When You Don’t Have An Office
Liza Darwin & Casey Lewis

This is awesome and so needed. I will share with others who are always looking for a last-minute work spot.

Especially in NYC, many of us have ‘home offices’ that are essentially windowless bedrooms, the corners of our kitchen, or shared living rooms with 3 other roommates. Not work-friendly, and yet for a lot of people they’ve got no other option between that or shelling out for a WeWork.

Or chilling out in a coffee shop all day and hoping that no one minds your headset conference calls, which is me most days.

I had been using Spacious for the past two months as an alternative to my spotty-wifi-and-data ‘home office.’ So have worked out of quiet downtown Manhattan restaurants all day and happily paid out-of-pocket for it because it is much more affordable and peaceful than a WeWork. And without the guilt of taking up outlets/tables/coffee refills.

I like Spacious so much that I gave on a testimonial on their homepage, so that is my full disclosure, but I think it is a smart solution for people easing into the reality of remote work and wants a better place for it.

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