Bullying, and harassment is defined by being something that you can not readily escape.
Rachel Edwards

Great response. The one issue I have with the “deal with it or leave” philosophy is that it has the potential to result in more people just not using social media and what-not and leaving the internet open to just being a big bunch of assholes that no one wants to be around. It feels like your essentially giving the power to the trolls rather than the people who actually use the internet and social media. I mean I somewhat agree that we’re getting more than a little coddled online, but I feel like there’s a better response to it than “let the trolls and assholes run free and grow a tougher skin.” Maybe troll back, as non-PC a solution as it is. There is something to be said for trying to push the assholes out who are just wasting space. Letting them be just emboldens them, essentially telling them they can do whatever they want to people because of “free speech”. I feel like their should be some non-Orwellian way of punching trolls and internet douches in their virtual faces that sends of message of “you can say whatever you want, but don’t be surprised when you get your ass kicked for being asshole”. Trolls may have the right to free speech, but everyone else has the right to get angry or upset about it.