Dreams repository 1.0

I got in my car and started driving. The road was empty and had heavy curves, it felt like a northern road, with a beautiful view to green hills, from a high altitude, but also, if feelings were colors, this place felt like grey.
There was something I had to do, I was on a mission to save someone, a faceless someone, like the dream was about to tell me. Pulled the car over in a stop safety area and waited. Heard a car coming- this was it, I went to the middle of the road to force it to stop. There’s a big brake; The smoke and the smell of burned rubber fill the scenario. The faceless man steps out of the car, with a blank face, no expressions. I told him I’d warned him that he couldn’t go that way. He says nothing, not now, not after, and we both start running.
After a while we enter in a road that has enormous trees on the sideways and start walking, for we were tired. But my eye caught a gigantic eagle, 2 up to 3 meters large, in the distance. Despite the curiosity I felt something was wrong, and it was. The eagle flies in my direction, in seconds it starts attacking me with the beak, and forces me to the ground. Suddenly it goes away, but gave me no time to think about safety. The new comeback had the intention to burn me with some flaming straw that it kept throwing at me. By the time the eagle was about to win I woke up screaming.

Since I can remember I’ve had this kind of vivid dreams that make reality look boring. As a child, that was my playground- closing my eyes and work with my imagination. As I grew older this became permanent only in dreams, while sleeping. This dreams are many times so complex and detailed that the fact I wake up tired became normal; also, they feel so real that waking up my boyfriend with screams or bites looks already normal to him.

So, today, I woke up stuck with this question: Where do dreams go to die?
It’s a pattern, they die in fears. We wake up when we are in danger, and it seems to me that in reality it’s the same, we give up our dreams in favor of our fears.
In the realms of our conscious mind, I believe in making the fight of those fears a part of the dream. Because fears do protect you, but if you don’t understand them, they also keep you inside of a cage.

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