4 Tips for a Stress-Free Housewarming Party

Moving to a new house or apartment is no small undertaking. After successfully packing up, finding movers, unpacking, furnishing and redecorating, you’ve got plenty to celebrate! The only thing left to do once you’re all settled in is to welcome family and friends into your new space with a housewarming party.

Planning a gathering sounds like a lot of work, we hear you say. Never fear! We understand that the last thing you need is more stress now that you’re finally settled — that’s why we’ve gathered our best tips for hosting a stress-free housewarming.

  • Send invitations. You want your guests to feel welcome in your new home, so start cultivating the atmosphere before they arrive. Invitations are more personal than a text message, but mailing out handwritten cards can be time consuming. Instead, opt for a digital invitation sent straight from your phone with an app like Fête, Evite or Hobnob. You still convey the warmth of a personal touch, but it can be created and sent in just a few taps. Don’t forget to include any special instructions, such as parking tips or a gate code.
  • Provide refreshments. Most housewarming guests aren’t expecting a full meal, but it’s a good idea to prepare some beverages and light appetizers. Find a recipe online to dub as your “house cocktail” and make a batch — that way you only have one type of drink to buy for and prepare. We suggest avoiding red wine or dark juices as ingredients to eliminate the chance of stains on your new carpet or rugs! Finish off your spread with a few snacks, such as a cheese board, some fruit, and guacamole or hummus with chips.
  • Give the grand tour. The reason your guests are here is to see your new digs, so don’t disappoint! Remember that it’s better to keep it brief. Guests will likely trickle in over the course of the afternoon or evening and you’ll end up providing multiple tours, so aim for a general overview that doesn’t last more than a few minutes.
  • Most of all, enjoy yourself! Plan a party that you’re comfortable hosting so that you have time to enjoy yourself with your guests. Make sure your guest list is a manageable size, so you’re not stressed by the number of people you need to greet and chat with, and don’t plan to make more intricate drinks and appetizers than you’re comfortable handling. If you’re visibly relaxed and are enjoying yourself, your guests will do the same!

Don’t miss out on the chance to show off your new place to family and friends because the idea of hosting a party sounds daunting. By taking our simple tips into account, you can host a relaxed housewarming party that all of your guests are sure to enjoy!

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