Tangible inequalities — that which can be seen and measured, like money or access — get the majority of the attention, and deservedly so. But inequalities that live in your mind can keep the deck stacked against you long after you’ve made it out of the one-room apartment you shared with your dad. This is insidious, difficult-to-discuss, and takes a long essay to explain.
Privilege and inequality in Silicon Valley
Ricky Yean

To add to tangible inequalities vs. inequalities that live in one’s mind, I think it’s important to emphasize that inequalities that live in individual’s minds are not caused by tangible inequalities and are not byproducts of them. They are two separate entities. In this sense, author was ‘lucky’ (not the best word choice) to have inequalities that live in his mind to have a such clear source of cause that can easily be associated with tangible inequalities, such as his financial hardships and being an immigrant. Often times inequalities that live in individual’s minds would remain unnoticed if its relation to tangible inequalities cannot be shown explicitly. Great approach on the topic of inequality, glad there are more people talking about it — thanks for sharing your story!

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