30 Days Finance Challenge

30 Days Finance Challenge is a tool for people who have the needs to replace bad financial habits (overspending, lack of savings, etc) with good financial habits.


I was in a meeting today with my team and we found out that all of us (literally the 6 of us in the meeting room) have a similar financial problem. We tend to overspend our income, end up panicking in around 2 weeks before our next payday.

So we dig more and these are what we found out:

  • 50% of us are aware about budgeting but can’t manage to stick with it
  • 33% of us can’t resist to buy things that we want but tend to regret buying it
  • all of us have financial goals that we want to achieve
  • all of us have attempted on savings but can’t resist to withdraw money when we run out of active balance.


Some people said that we can’t instantly stop doing bad habits but we can replace it with good habits. Also inspired by the rising trend of 30 days fitness challenge, maybe we can also do a 30 days finance challenge.

How It Works

I assume that everyone has different understanding and different current state of personal finance. So based on that, we can divide the user into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced user. Beginner is for those who want to strive for Financial Security. Intermediate is for those who want to strive for Financial Independence. Advanced is for those who want to strive for Financial Freedom.

According to an Indonesian CFP, Budi Raharjo, these are the stages definitions:

  1. Financial security: own sufficient emergency funds, health insurance, and life insurance
  2. Financial independence: have enough amount of savings to be used after retirement (around age 55–70, >15 years of savings)
  3. Financial Freedom: have the right amount of money to afford your preferred lifestyle

Overall, 30 days financial challenge gives users the tiny tiny milestones to achieve everyday in order to get the stages of wealth they wanted. Examples of daily challenges:

  • for beginner: log expenses every day, save 10k everyday, sign up for insurance, etc
  • for intermediate: limit daily spending up to 250k/day, save 50k/day
  • for advanced: tbd



To help users gain financial literacy, the urgency to save, reduce consumption, and give a fuck (or pay) for only the things that matter to them.

This writing is still in progress. Comments and feedback will be appreciated :)

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