Songs That Reminds Me of You

Teza Sumendra have a song titled “I Want You Love” and the first three lines of the lyrics are:

For the first time I saw you / You make me feel like / You make me feel like... damn

Did you remember your first line of chat, ever, to me? You said “dayum”. LOL at that time i actually promised myself that i should never respond to a chat that didn’t start with a question and here you came, broke my rules, successfully triggered me to respond.

Calvin Harris recently released a song titled “Feels” and the lines sung by Pharrel Williams are:

Do you mind if I steal a kiss? (Chop, chop)
A little souvenir, can I steal it from you?
To memorize the way you shock me
The way you move it here (Hey)
Just wanna feel it from you (Hey)

Did you remember that night, on our third meeting (or yeah maybe we can call it a date), in between just 20s of traffic light? I decided to take a risk by stealing a kiss from you. A kiss that even now i still have no idea where did i get the courage from.

I have recently been listening to Honne. Their song, “Warm on A Cold Night” was actually released in 2014. The pre-chorus & chorus lines are:

And I can’t help but wonder
Just how we ended up alright
And I love you like no other
And this has never felt so right
You can keep me warm on a cold night
Warm on a cold cold night
Yeah you can keep me warm on a cold night
Warm on a cold cold night

Now, whenever i listened to this song, i closed my eyes trying to remember the warmth of your skin, holding me tight, wrapping your arms around me.

Disclosure, one of my favorite duo, has a song titled “Good Intentions” the song goes this way:

Babe you can believe me when I say I tried my best
But there’s no other way
You deserve the world, I couldn’t give you less

It’s not only me, we did, didn’t we? We tried our best

But i’m not perfect, the way you’re perfect
And though it hurts, yeah, it hurts to say goodbye
I know I let you down
It wasn’t that your love wasn’t good enough
Couldn’t stick around
It’s only in myself that I didn’t trust
I had good intentions
I had good intentions

I hope again that it’s not just me. We broke up cause both of us had good intentions, hadn’t we?

I know that you’d probably hate this but Justin Bieber’s Friends song really got me. It goes this way:

I was wonderin' 'bout your mama
Did she get that job she wanted?
Sell that car that gave her problems?
I'm just curious 'bout her, honest (ooh-ooh)

Just like when you felt to continue the conversation a little bit before we both said our goodbyes so you started to check out on my family.

Know you’re wonderin' why I been callin'
Like I got ulterior motives
Know we didn’t end this so good
But you know we had something so good

Well i didn’t exactly called you but you have no idea how many times i felt like dialing your phone number and just talk to you until i fall asleep cause we both know how comforting it could be. We both thank God that we ended us in the most peaceful way that we could ever think of without losing the feeling of how good us was.

So I’m wonderin'
Can we still be friends? 
Can we still be friends? 
Doesn’t have to end 
And if it ends, can we be friends?
Can we be friends?
Can we be friends?

Now that I’m emotionally more stable to the fact that you have a new girl, i asked you about us remain friends although i have no idea whether I’m capable of that.

Last, Rich Chigga sang a song about his break-up called “Glow Like Dat” and the first part of it goes this way:

I done seen you glow like that I must say that I’m proud
Thinkin bout the times when you would go into my house, hey
Had to let you go like that I’d say it fucked me up
You live in my head without a doubt

Through this song, I’d like to let you know that I’m proud of how you’ve moved on and make huge progress with your new girl, the kind of progress we could ever go through together. I will be lying if i say that you didn’t fuck me up cause you did. I was fucked up. You live in my head without a doubt and sometimes i wonder what have i done wrong to deserve all this but at the same time I’m glad that we both came out more mature than when we started our relationship.

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