The beginning of UX

I started off with a degree in Product Design and landed my first job as an exhibition designer. I was excited to design a space for interaction and it felt good to see my works materialise and become an actual exhibit.

After a year, i changed my profession to customer relations. There are rewarding moments when a customer is genuinely appreciative of the assistance rendered. As customer relations manager, i met a lot of different people from varying backgrounds and learned a lot on managing expectations and service recovery. This job gave me an insight on the behaviours of the customers.

Having spent four years on the frontline services, I realised that good customer service/good product is not solely dependent on the services rendered by the frontline staffs. The experience of the customer is affected by several factors, the company processes, the administration, how information is portrayed to the public, etc.

Ultimately, I figured that my interest is in design and I wanted to move back t0 a design related job — a job that could utilise my background in design and experience in customer service. After some online research work done, I found out about UX design and that led me to sign up for a 3 days course at NUS, ISS’s UX course. It gave me an idea of UX but I wanted to do more so I have signed up for an UX immersive course at General Assembly.

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