My Personal Statement in Life

As a 18-year-old Senior in a new American high school, things have been going great the way they are and have been falling into place. But it took climbing mountains and crossing oceans to be successful. I didn’t always have great grades and was happy all the time.

Transitioning from elementary school to middle school was tough. You’re used to having small classes and less homework, dealing with people as less. I started getting anxiety, from all the academic pressure. I also grew up a little overweight, due to my Dad not knowing how to cook and always feeding me fast food. He learned how to, but my weight became heavy. As an overweight preteen going through puberty, I learned what bulimia was. Along the way was something called self-harming. This depression made my grades horrible, which made me want to hide from my teachers and skip school all the time. It also caused my parents to start to fight, blaming this depression on each other, who started it. They didn’t want me to end up like my half brother and half sister, dropped out before high school and criminals. This cycle lasted for 2 years, all of a middle school, and ended in their divorce.

The end of middle school started to come around, and I remembered that when I was little, I promised myself to study high school in the Philippines-my parents’ hometown. I wanted to study the culture, experience the feeling of traveling abroad without your parents, the freedom you gain. So I escaped, I started a brand new life in the Philippines. New school, new country, new start, new me. I was busy thinking about all the freedom I would gain without my parents, that I forgot how much I would miss my parents. 14 years old and alone in the world. So I started from the bottom, I started to get great grades, majority A’s and some B’s here and there. I even redid 8th grade, just so I could reach their new 11th and 12th grades in time. Getting TOP honors in my class, winning extracurricular and leadership awards from not only a school but a church. A church I found where I gave up my depression and bad reputation. The new best friends that I gained, showed me around the beautiful country that was considered my second home. The culture, the food, the secret hidden places that regular tourists would not experience. This part of my life lasted for 3 years, it was the best experience that ever existed in my life. Life was perfect. I was in 10th grade, and we were about to graduate that year because 11th and 12th grade were in college. Until in the middle of 10th grade, when I was in the highest TOP honors class, with 10th place out of my batch in the first semester, I found out my Dad died in America. I got home from celebrating my TOP honor roll and got a call from my Mom saying that my Dad suddenly died.

I rushed back to America in 2 days. Mourned, was there for my Mom. We wondered how we would get by, how I would get to college. My Dad was the one who supported us, and my Mom barely had a job, we were renting one bedroom while I was visiting. My Dad never believed in living trusts and wills either. So as the youngest child, my half brother, and half sister were running after me, the money my Dad left for my college. My Aunt was helping them, trying to take everything away, saying they deserved it more. The bank said they would do everything to keep the money safe, but she took over as administrator. She didn’t care that I would be the first generation going to college, but I did. And we’re still doing everything to keep the little college money that my Dad left.

So after my Dad’s funeral, I went back to the Philippines for the last semester. I was planning to go back to America and continue 11th and 12th grade there, I couldn’t leave stray from my Mom for 2 more years after what happened to my Dad. So I made my last 6 months the best of my experience there. And it was the best. I graduated 10th grade and leadership church school and said my goodbyes.

Now I am in Del Mar High School, taking part in the I.B classes, leadership, and performing arts. I’m putting all my efforts and hard work into making my Mom and especially my Dad proud. My dream to go to UNLV for Criminology. While being a makeup artist and guitarist on the side, as I am right now in high school studies. I am grateful, I am blessed, and I believe that my future will be as successful as I want it to be.