Fascism Wins Because Your White Feminist Girlfriend Slay Queened a War Criminal
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Fascism wins when people on both sides of issues refuse to accept that others are entitled to their own opinions.

Fascism wins people turn their backs on their family and friends because of personal political beliefs.

Fascism wins when conservatives put their religious beliefs before the welfare of their fellow Americans.

Fascism wins when conservatives push to restrict women’s rights based on personal superstitious beliefs.

I know fascism. I’ve seen the impact that it’s had on our society, and and how it has divided communities and destroyed the spirit of cooperation and respect for others. I’ve seen the hatred of the new “conservative right.” In the past week I’ve been called disparaging names and threatened with deportation by white men in their 20’s who support racist political policies. These attacks were levied against ME, an 8th generation American woman with 20+ years of active duty service as a US military officer, and in a city of 60k in which I once served as the GOP mayor.


Please stop the divisive rhetoric, and quit trying to divide our society.

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