When You Brag That The Women’s Marches Were Nonviolent
Ijeoma Oluo

Your Actions Determine Your Character

What EXACTLY are you trying to accomplish? What you seem to want isn’t protest, what you want is rioting.


You will never achieve peace and understanding until hostilities ON BOTH SIDES cease. You’re not going to get the police to trust you by throwing bricks. If you break windows, they’re going to distrust you, and your “message” will never be heard.

You post about Martin Luther King, but let me ask you, friend, how much do you really know about his movement? How much do you know about how he protested? How much do you know about the people in the pictures that you post for political gain? Are you old enough to even have marched with us back in the 60's? Let me ask you friend, how many bricks did Dr. King throw in those marches? That number (ZERO) is exactly the same number that you should be throwing. Anything else is an insult to his legacy and to the message of peace that he bore.

If you want peace, you build it through cooperation, not distrust, hostility and violence.

You DO NOT represent the values of Martin Luther King, and until you learn to embrace peaceful protest over violence, you will never know the victories that he saw.