The Magic Eraser

Oh, Magic Eraser. You seem to come into my life when I need you most and save my security deposit to help go towards the new home.

It’s the simple things in life, really. Having clean winning moments when everything seems so cluttered and dirty at times. You helped relief the stress of finding paint to remove 3 years worth of scuff marks from hauling outdoor gear in and out of the house every weekend.

All that remains of my trusty cleaning partner.

Not to mention cleaning up after my fast-paced life when I am running around trying to get my act together. Even though most of my memories do not exists anymore in a townhouse numbered 358, it is always good to know that the next owner will be able to erase their memories just as easy, that is if they want to.

Thank you, magic eraser. I am sure we will find each other again soon as I start a new life and settle into a new home.