The Mother-Less Child

How does a mother-less child celebrate Mother’s Day?

Do they honor the mother who didn’t raise them — the mother they didn’t bond with?

The mother whose illness took precedence over their childhood? Whose circumstances made the tender-aged child a caregiver before they could tie a shoe?

Whose understandable anger towards her situation made her resent the living reason why suicide wasn’t an option? Is that the mother they honor?

The mother whose anger lead to name calling — four letter words to describe her offspring. Their mutual resentment flowed heavily in both directions.

Does the mother-less child release their resentment and anger after their mother’s departure?

Forging a bond after so much pain would prove impossible. Even with forgiveness.

Is the mother-less child left longing for a mother’s love?

Or do they instead go on a self-loathing journey of personal struggle?

Can the mother-less child find solace in the arms of an acting mother? Or does the relational experience of the past dictate and limit the possibility for the future?

Do they vow to create a bond with their own strong enough to make up for lost time?

Or promise to never take the chance to disappoint one so?

Forever the mother-less child wonders what could’ve been if the missing piece had been present.

Embracing the gift of life and reshaping the void.