Earlier this week, I was in the shower and my Loofa completely unraveled in my hands. It was kind of fascinating, because I had never seen a Loofa do that before. But it was also incredibly irritating because I definitely spent like two bucks on it. Also there is a big difference between a Loofa cleanse and a non-Loofa cleanse, and I prefer the former.

One second I was scrubbing peacefully and the next it all goes to sh**.

That is the perfect metaphor to describe how the past couple of weeks have been (and by past couple of weeks I mean the last 19 years).

If you’ve seen my most recent post on Facebook, I did indeed break my thumb and rupture a ligament. *rolls eyes*. I have to go into the Orthopedic surgeon on Monday to determine if I have to get surgery or not. Yayyyyy *gives ONE thumbs up*

I am definitely angry and frustrated at my injury, mostly because it inhibits a lot of things I do at the gym. And with being in the Army, if I get caught breaking my profile (which says I can’t do upper body) I could see UCMJ action (which is bad). The gym is my one place of peace and freedom when any other place fails to be, and now I am severely limited. This sucks.

The one good thing that came out of this week is the fact that AFN is playing The Last of the Mohicans right now. I am grateful for that at least. It’s the little things right?

They say you have to have a sense of humor in life. Sometimes it’s hard when circumstances get you down. But when I think about it… it is pretty damn funny. Even in a pathetic/lame sort of way.

I am exactly the type of person that would just casually break her thumb at the gym. Then continue to work through her workout and move into more strength and skill work after that! When it happened I knew I hurt it, I just didn’t know how bad. I shook it off (literally, and perhaps that just made things worse. That’s lesson #2. Lesson #1 is don’t drop heavy dumbbells because they bounce. Apparently.) and drove on until I was done.

I wasn’t convinced it was that bad, a minor sprain maybe. “I’ll go to the doctor tomorrow just in case.”

“Yup,” says the Doc. “You done broke it.”


A classic case of Angela and her clumsiness.

It reminds me of that one time I fell out of a chair and split my head open on a coffee table. Fell. Out of a chair. WHILE SITTING IN IT.

This actually happened — no BS. My friends would be happy to vouch for it.

Have you ever had to call your dad at 2 o’clock in the morning and ask for your insurance information as you were holding gauze up to your head watching the Doc prepare to put a staple in it?

If you think my life is a mess… You’re right.

But… being messy is usually a lot more fun — and comes with better stories — even if it is exhausting. And expensive… if you saw the check for that teeny tiny staple… *rolls eyes again*

S/o to the healthcare system in America for being trash.

I’m still sorry about that one, Mom… At least the military has me covered for now, right?

If I want to get out though…. I should probably marry a doctor.

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