That time I almost died (but hey, I looked great)

I can totally relate. Especially to how people can inappropriately react when you lose a lot of weight in an unhealthy way. I felt that. When people say, “you look great!” when you feel awful inside. I’m sure you realized now that not all people know how to talk to people who have depression and anxiety. It’s uncomfortable. They don’t know how to handle “emotional bombs.” It makes you feel alone but isn’t always their fault, or yours. They aren’t always shallow. They just never learned to deal, or are dealing with their own demons. I think that’s really important for all sides to remember. Like this one time I found out my friend died while at school. I never felt more alone because I was surrounded by people who knew I was upset about it but it felt like they didn’t care. But you can’t expect people to know how you feel, what your thinking, or what to say. They aren’t mind readers, only human.

All that aside, I’m sorry you had to deal with all that and I’m proud of you Michelle. Exercise, connecting with your physical body and the physical world really does help! :)

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