A few weeks down the road

Last time I talked about our new and exciting school. Now a few weeks down the road I would like to give you an update on what happened since then.

We finished our project on Vikings, covered the Anglo-Saxons and have now moved on to the Ancient Egyptians. We work cross-curricular whenever possible and my student has made huge progress in Maths, Spanish and Music.

Next week’s project will be on designing and making a special type of Halloween cereal. We will choose the ingredients and make the box with all the information a regular box of cereals contains. We will cover issues like hidden sugar and fats in foods and also talk about the digestive system.

Apart from all the exciting things that are happening, it is also sometimes hard to keep the motivation up. Although our student got used to our daily routine: getting washed and dressed, sun salutation, breakfast, learning, it is not easy to keep motivated when there is only one student in class. Even though there are benefits of being the only student, it also means that the motivation to learn must come from within and especially on rainy days or after a night with not enough sleep it is hard to keep focused.

But to end on a positive: It is amazing to experience the progress that our student is making, to watch him enjoy a project or a particular subject (i. e. Spanish) so much that he wakes up talking about it, or to see him pick up paper and pencils, drawing and writing down what he has learned without being told…. true intrinsic motivation.

Writing this made me realise that my student is an excellent student, he has good days and bad days, days when he is intrinsically motivated and others when I have to drag him through the day. Days when he does very well and enjoys himself and other days when he struggles. He is a perfect human being.