An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

As a recent graduate/millenial/23 year old/entry-level/basically SF minimum wage employee, I find this absolutely ridiculous.

I agree that yes, as a Bay Area resident/employee, we don’t get paid enough, but that’s not a warrant to write an angry/emotional letter to the CEO of your company.

First off, this isn’t high school, where you’re pissed at your teacher for not giving you credit for what you did. This is the real world, and, honestly, people simply do not have time for other people’s troubles.

Second, WHY THE HELL would you accept an apartment for $1.2k a month, when you clearly cannot afford it? My question is how did your apartment landlord even accept your application if he saw you made minimum wage? Or did they not require a proof of income (because that is sketch)? Even I know I cannot afford $1k/month, so I live at home, 35 miles away from work. And everyday I drive the worse/most horrible commute because I KNOW I cannot afford that. Also, there are cheaper alternatives on Craigslist. I’ve seen shared apartments rented out for cheaper, which makes me question your actions and reasoning.

Third, you get full coverage from health. I don’t get full coverage (my company takes a portion out of my pay). Hell, we only get free food ONCE a week. ONCE. And it’s cheap donuts. Food isn’t stocked for free. If we want chips, cookies, or even ramen, we have to pay. The only free thing everyday is coffee, and it’s not even good coffee. But you know what? I don’t complain about it to my managers. It is what it is, and I chose this job.

Fourth, I’ve been here for over a year, and I haven’t gotten a raise or a promotion (even though I’ve asked and my manager agreed). But what I don’t do is write them an angry ass letter complaining about how I suffer, I look for other opportunities, and I keep applying cause I’m young.

Honestly, the only person you can blame in this situation is yourself. You can’t expect other people to empathize with what you’re going through. While I think standing up for yourself is good thing, I cannot agree with your form of execution. There are plenty of opportunities to get money nowadays with the whole sharing economy (Uber, Airbnb..). Use your resources, don’t just sit their and complain.

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