My Language Learning Process

I have been learning English since I was studying in elementary school. I learned English very late compared to other classmates. Most of them learned it when they were studying in kindergarten or even studied in bilingual school. At the very first beginning of my learning process, I felt very depressed because I fell behind other classmates a lot. The elementary school which I studied in emphasizes on English teaching, so they will separate us into three different level. Of course, I studied in the lowest level in the first semester. And the following two years, I still stayed in this class. This experience makes me have low self-esteem on learning English, and gradually, I hated to study English and always tried to escape from this problem. One day, one of my classmate made fun of me in front of others. She said that I was very stupid and poor at studying. My heart was broken when I heard it, and those words become the most important turning point in my life of English learning. I made my mind to learn English and performed better than anyone else, so no one would humiliate me again. Later, I studied in HESS for over three years. I jumped to the highest class and always had a good grade on English.

Since then, I have gradually fallen in love with language learning. In my fist year in college, I learned Spanish in foreign language courses in NCCU. However, I didn’t perform well because I didn’t make good effort on it. Now, I learned another language this semester, Korean. The reason why I learn Korean is because I love Korean pop music very much, and I want to learn more about their culture. I will write down what happen when I am learning Korean.

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