Calibre DRM Removal Plugins— eBook DRM Remove Failed and Solutions

Angel Dan
Angel Dan
Apr 20, 2019 · 3 min read
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Calibre is famous as its eBook management function, and in fact, it’s now more and more powerful by adding hundreds of plugins. Among Calibre plugins, the DeDRM plugin is the most useful (my own opinion) one because I can share and back up my own purchased eBooks by removing the DRM.

How to install Calibre Plugins on Mac and PC(enable the plugin to be installed)?

Step 1: Download and install Calibre.

Step 2: Download the latest version of (calibre with drm remover plugin v 6.7.0)
(Tips: Open the zip and save the plug into the desktop. No need to unzip it.)

Step 3: Add into Calibre.

Launch Calibre, find “Preferences” in the top menu bar.

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Then click “Plugins” -> “Load plugin from file”.

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Choose the downloaded zip file please. Ignore the risk and click on “Yes”.

Then you can see the success notification. Click “OK”, soon the zip file will be installed successfully into the Calibre and it will be shown under the “File type plugins”.

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dedrm 6.8.0

Step 4: Restart Calibre and add books to remove the DRM.

This means installing is successful. Now we just need to restart the Calibre. And then, find your downloaded eBooks (kindle, kobo, Google, etc.) and add them into the Calibre library.

Calibre Plugin installed but failed to remove DRM?

If it doesn’t work, try to:
1) Remove your DRMed books from the library.
2) Reload Calibre.
3) Add them again to the library.
4) If still failed, first remove the old plugin, restart Calibre, and then reinstall the newest version of plugins.

Update dedrm plugin calibre

The easiest solution when Calibre dedrm plugin doesn’t work

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calibre failed to remove drm from kfx zip

Solution 1. Read Apprentice Alf’s Blog to find your answer.

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Please note that the calibre developers will not be able to help when meeting any problems.

Solution 2. Powerful Calibre Plugins alternative is here — Epubor Ultimate.

If you used the DeDRM tools, you will find that it wasted too much time, installing the correct version of Python, trying to work out how they’d work for Kobo, Kindle and Adobe one by one, etc..

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There’s no need to import your books to Epubor Ultimate— when you open the application it will automatically import all the downloaded titles from your Kindle/Kobo/Adobe library. It’s the best way to remove DRM from eBooks. Highly recommended for novice users.

More tips and tricks:

  1. Calibre dedrm doesn’t support for Apple books and Nook ePub books.
  2. Calibre doesn’t support Kindle eTextbooks.
  3. Thanks to the latest release of dedrm (v6.8.0), Calibre is able to remove Kindle KFX DRM if your Kindle books are downloaded via Kindle for PC/Mac version 1.26.

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