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Angel Dan
Angel Dan
Apr 20 · 5 min read

Calibre is famous as its eBook management function, and in fact it’s now more and more powerful by adding hundreds of plugins. Among calibre plugins, the DeDRM plugin is the most useful (my own opinion) one because I can share and back up my own purchased eBooks by removing the DRM. (I use it for personal use only.)

Part 1: What can we do with Calibre DeDRM plugins?

When we clicked on Convert Book individually, we bring up the ebook in the Calibre library and hit Convert. DRM protection message appears. This means we must remove the DRM first before converting eBooks formats.

Calibre itself can’t help remove DRM from eBooks, but with the DeDRM plugins we can do it.

Supported eBooks are from: Amazon Kindle, Adobe ePub and PDF (ACSM), Kobo KEPUB, google books. Now Nook books and iBooks ePub are not supported.

Part 2: How to install Calibre Plugins on Mac and PC?

Step 1: Download and install .

Step 2: Download

(Tips: No need to unzip it.)

Step 3: Add into Calibre.

Launch Calibre, find “Preferences” in the top menu bar.

Then click “Plugins” -> “Load plugin from file”.

Ignore the risk and click on “Yes”. Choose the downloaded zip file please.

Soon the zip file will be installed successfully into the Calibre and it will be shown under the “File type plugins”.

Calibre drm removal plugin 6.6.3

This means the installing is successful. Now we just need to restart the Calibre.

Part 3: How to remove DRM from eBooks with Calibre?

This part is focused on “How to remove DRM from Kindle calibre” (free kindle drm removal calibre plugin). You can Remove drm from Adobe ePub&PDF, Kobo, google books with nearly the same steps.

If your Kindle books are synced via Kindle for PC/Mac, you just need to find those books (under “My Kindle Content” folder), and then drag and drop them to Calibre main interface. Then, the drm will be removed automatically.

But if your books are downloaded to your Kindle e-ink devices, connect the Kindle to Calibre via USB, it will recognize your device, show all your book titles please.

Then select the books, “Plugins” under “File type plugins” and select “Customize plugin”.

Configure “eink Kindle ebooks”, input the KSN of your kindle device. The drm removing will start.

(Don’t know where to find the KSN? Here is this video guide:)

where to find Kindle Serial Number

Removing Adobe Adept DRM with Calibre? Make sure you can read your books with ADE (authorize with Adobe ID) please.

? Use the v6.5.4 please.

Part 4: Calibre drm removal not working? Here are the solutions.

P 4.1, Calibre Plugin installed but failed to remove DRM?

If it doesn’t work, try to:
1) Remove your DRMed books from the library.
2) Reload Calibre.
3) Add them again to library.
4) If still failed, first remove the old plugin, restart Calibre, and then reinstall the newest version of plugins.

P 4.2, Failed to remove DRM from Kindle KFX books (and convert KFX format)?

1) Calibre plugin neither support Kindle for PC/Mac version 1.25 (and higher version) nor Kindle firmware 5.10.2 (and higher version). Amazon uses format which causes calibre dedrm plugin unable to decrypt kindle files any more.
2) Kindle rented books are not provided to be decrypted.

P 4.3, How to remove DRM from Nook books and iBooks?

1)Nook changed its drm scheme since March 2019, no tools will support nook drm removing!
2) Apple iBooks is not supported by Calibre DeDRM plugins.

P 4.4, If things still go wrong with Calibre?

1)Read Apprentice to find your answer.
2) Please note that the calibre developers will not be able to help when meeting any problems using calibre.

Part 5: Calibre Pros and Cons.

Pros: Free; Full of functions to manage eBooks.

Cons: Not that easy to use especially when we want to use the DeDRM plugins; No customer support.

Apowerful Calibre Plugins alternative — Epubor Ultimate.

Epubor Ultimate includes DRM removal as well as eBook converters. Drag-drop-done.

Pros: Support Kindle KFX new format 2019; Easier to use than Calibre; 24 HOUR online customer service.

Cons: Paid software.

You can buy Epubor Ultimate with 10% off here:

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