Dealing with Kindle for PC/Mac 1.26/1.25 and KFX Conversion

Angel Dan
Angel Dan
Nov 23, 2018 · 4 min read

I’ve been using Kindle for PC version 1.24.3 for a long time, but last week (Nov 17th) I found that I was forced to use the 1.25 version. It seems that Amazon updated my Kindle for PC to their latest version without notifications! (Perhaps you have found this, too)

It seems like more and more people are using the new 1.25 version of kindle for pc now.

Latest updates for Kindle for PC 1.25:

  1. Collections management: Search collections by name and sort collections by name or last update.
  2. Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Latest updates for Kindle for Mac 1.25

  1. Support for 64-bit.
  2. Study features: Updated Notebook panel that allows you to view your notes, highlights, and bookmarks side-by-side with your book. You can also export your notes and automatically create flashcards from your Notebook content.
  3. Collections management: Search collections by name and sort collections by name or last update.
  4. Bug fixes and performance improvements.
kindle for mac version 1.25

(Update 5/5/2019: Somebody may has found that when you opened K4Mac or K4PC, it asked if you wanted to update to 1.26. Though Amazon’s website is still delivering 1.25, but I guess Amazon has begun rolling out Kindle for PC/Mac 1.26 and would release it soon.)

kindle for mac version 1.26

I understand that maybe Amazon wants to test their new version kindle desktop, but I’m really curious about its new features and functions. Yes everything is OK when reading kindle books, or downloading, or buying contents from amazon. But one problem happens, it’s that I can’t decrypt my Kindle books now!

From Kindle for PC version 1.19, amazon has widely used their new KFX format in it. Though books synced via Kindle for pc/mac (from v1.19) are with .azw extension, but the newly format is KFX.

KFX has bothered us for a long time because we can’t decrypt DRM from it. Good news is that Epubor handles KFX DRM since 2017 Oct, and Calibre added KFX Input Plugin 2018 March .

Kindle for Mac 1.26, new .kcr

But after updating the Kindle for PC to version 1.25, the same problem happens. And what’s worse, if you are using Kindle for Mac version 1.26, the synced and downloaded Kindle books will be .kcr format, not the .azw! Neither Calibre nor Epubor software can help recognize and detect this format book (this means you will find that your newly Kindle books are not shown in epubor or calibre library).

downloaded kindle book is .kcr format

And as what I known there is no better solution than going back to the older version (such as 1.24) if we want to remove DRM.

Step 1: Check which version you are using now.

If is 1.25 or even 1.26, OK you can get your resolution with following steps. But if under 1.25, maybe you met other problems, contact customer service please.

Step 2: Uninstall your Kindle for PC please. And don’t forget to delete all your downloaded kindle books from your computer “My Kindle Content” folder.

Step 3: Then visit Amazon official site to download the latest version of Kindle desktop(public win version is 1.24 and mac version is 1.23), log in with your account to sync and download your kindle books to computer again.

Download Kindle for PC 1.24.3

Download Kindle for Mac 1.23.1

Tips: Be sure that you have it set NOT to do auto-updates.

Step 4: Use either Calibre KFX Input plugin (free) or Epubor Ultimate (paid software but with free customer support)to help you remove DRM from Kindle.

You can buy Epubor Ultimate with 10% off here:

Epubor Ultimate for Windows 10% off

Epubor Ultimate for Mac 10% off

But this is the current solution when handling Kindle new kfx drm. I’m sure when (or even before) amazon official published this new updates, both Calibre and Epubor will find the best solution (without stopping updating) for you.

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