TEDxCambridge — Rules, or the Lack Thereof

I have always been a big fan of TED talks and an excited participant in TEDx events. Oh wait, to put it more accurately — an excited yet nervous participant.

My experience in TEDx events hasn’t always been as fruitful as I hoped it would be. For quite a few occasions, I had a strong urge to flee the venue, but stayed on hoping that things will get better once the next speaker steps onto the red circular carpet. The TEDxCambridge 2017, however, had been quite a delight.

Out of the 5 talks that happened during the night, 3 of them were particularly interesting:

  1. How To Perform During Life’s High Stakes Moments

Michael and Amy Pot challenged the audience to act and think like actors. Three quotes that were particularly memorable: (i) “Great performance is authentic behavior in a manufactured environment”; (ii) “There is no one authentic way of behavior”; (iii) “Focus on what you want to create instead of what people think.”

2. What Freedom of Expression Really Means

Mike Boston’s mission in life is to give voice to the voiceless. He argues that even though there is freedom of expression in the US, we don’t really pay attention to the truths that we don’t welcome.

“We got to be genuine. We got to be consistent… Let go of stereotypes and the filters that prevent us from treating people as human beings.” ~ Mike Boston

3) Do we really forget in Alzheimer’s
Is Alzeimer similar to losing a book? Or do we just can’t find it? Deheeraj Roy is confident that Alzeimer is not about memory loss, but about the reduction of ability in retrieving it. His experiments done on rats with early-stage Alzheimer have generated very encouraging results.

“Boosting memory retrieval may be the most effective way.” ~ Deheeraj Roy

It was a very bold attempt for TEDxCambridge to purposely not set a theme for the event prior to looking for speakers. “We want the best ideas,” Tamsen (Executive Producer) told the audience. It turned out to be a successful bet.

Yet a common theme has naturally emerged — Rules. The rules in life and culture. The rules that we don’t apply equally. The rules that we follow or break in order to succeed…

“Thanks (to the speakers) for breaking the rules in all the best ways. I hope you feel inspired to break some rules too.” ~ Tamsen Webster

Yeah, I am definitely inspired! But are the rules really rules in the first place?

(Written on Oct 15, 2017)

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