Anxiety — it’s a mental illness. For me, it’s the worst sickness of all. I hate that feeling, when you’re afraid of almost everything. I have been suffering from anxiety for a very long time. Sometimes, I wonder, if there’s even a chance for me to be fearless. I’m one of the cowards. Anxiety keeps you from doing what you wanna do in life. Sometimes, it keeps you away from the people you love. It’s something that holds you back from succeeding. You can’t fully enjoy life as it is. It’s like, you’re alive but, you’re not really “living”.

It kills you. It gradually devours who you are inside. It makes you forget about some of the happy moments in your life. It changes you. It may be a good change; Or it may be a bad change. It all depends on how you handle your fear. It’s like a game. You’re goal, is winning. Your enemy is the devil. Because, the devil is the one who scares you.

You have to defeat him before he owns you. Don’t let him own you. Only God owns you. No matter how tempting it is to give up, don’t give up. For those of you out there with anxiety, you are not alone. “It’s a rough road”, I know. I’m still in the process of surviving anxiety.

I know how hard anxiety is. I know how hard it feels like being controlled by something. I know how hard it feels like being controlled by your own mind. Anxiety, makes you crazy. Having anxiety is a serious case. For those of you who doesn’t have anxiety, it’s not something you should laugh at. It’s something you should understand.

When you have anxiety, people may laugh at you, judge you, use your fear against you, make you cry, make you do what they want, scare you, etc. Sometimes, they don’t even wanna be around you because, what pops up their mind is that you’re crazy.

I just want those people who are reading this, with or without anxiety, please help the people who are suffering from this kind of sickness. For those of you with anxiety, never forget the power of “prayer”. God loves you. Who knows, perhaps, once you survive anxiety, you might be able to help the people who has the same case as you do. I love you all💙

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