“Basking under the sunset’s beauty”

I always pray for a good day. I love biking when the weather’s fine. I love basking under the beautiful sunset. Just imagine; All those colors: blue, yellow, orange, pink, a smidge of purple, along with the green-ish trees. It’s the best set of colors all together. 💙

I’m not a fan of rain clouds. I hate them. Like, literally HATE them. It makes me feel depressed. For me, they’re ugly. We don’t get along very well.

I just love how the sunset makes you feel so alive. It releases the negative energy in my body. It’s amazing how the sunset colors spread throughout our villa. While I bike, I usually pause to get a clear shot of the sunset. Sometimes, I look up the sky, close my eyes, then, I take a deep breath before I open them. It’s really rejuvenating.

Most of the time, when I’m alone in a room, I look up the ceiling, pretending it’s a sky. Then, I paint it with the beautiful sunset colors. Sometimes, I try painting it with stars along with a cute moon. Biking feels amazing when the weather is fine. I usually pretend I’m riding a fine horse while wearing a baby blue dress with my hair flowing beautifully from my head, down my shoulder. I love basking under the sunset’s beauty. don’t you?

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