I was looking through my notebooks; I saw this notebook with a poem I wrote from when I was still in middle school:

“Under the Tree”

I was under a tree,

When you sang with glee

You were up, I was down

You made jokes

That turned my frown,

Upside down

Whenever I feel blue,

I’ve always wanted people

To break the silence in my heart

And I’ve never expected it

To be you

Whenever you talk to me

Devoured are all my problems

From that moment on,

Never would

My heart be shattered

I thought you’d be with me

For eternity,

I guess it was just me

In my insanity

Then came the time I knew,

That you weren’t the guy

I thought you were

For my mind

was not that clear

My feelings for you,

Were unstable

And clear decision making

I was not able

You made me feel

Like I could fly

Now I just look at the tree,

With a sigh

Oh how I wish to go back to the past

Under the tree,

Where you sang with glee


I remember that I wrote this about the person I had a crush on.

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