My first journal(for the fourth quarter):


At first, I thought it was gonna be a complete failure.

It was extraordinary. It was also my first time to watch “Walk to Remember”. It felt really exhilarating. We told stories. We told secrets — it was my favorite part — an open conversation. It’s really nice to have people around you, talk about something in mature way. “They’re good girls”, according to my grandma. One of the best things in this world, is having deep conversations with other people. Someone to open up about what your mind’s contained of — the thoughts you’ve stored inside for so long and now it’s finally out. No one caring about what the other will say after sharing your innermost convictions and “opinions”. It felt like there’s no barrier. It’s a free country. I loved the “q&a” game. We played it over and over again. Perhaps, it may seem boring and pointless to others sometimes, but it’s my way of knowing a person better. Exchanging of thoughts — it was wonderful. Guess who fell asleep first💤

It felt like entering an entirely different dimension🙌🏻