Performance task:

“Wrinkles and Remedy”

“Growing up is not the problem, forgetting is” -Le Petit Prince

Are you afraid of growing old?”. I’m actually afraid of not growing old. It would mean, that I’ll die early. When I was younger, all I wanted was to be an adult or to grow old. The sad thing is, dreaming about it isn’t actually the same as reality. It’s not as “prodigious” as I pictured it would be. It's the way in order for me to get what I want — but that is what I thought.

So my answer to that question is “Yes and No”.

No. I’m not afraid of growing old, I’m afraid of forgetting. When you grow, you will be able to learn several things in life that you may teach to others. Stages of growing old are steps forward. They remind you of how long you have survived and what kind of soldier you are. They remind you that you have succeeded from a lot of slopes. If you grow old, you’ll have the chance to see your kids and grandkids grow up. You’ll have the chance to explore the world furthermore. Yes. Because the more you grow, the more you learn about the world and the world scares me. The more you see it for what it really is and you’ll see how it modifies throughout the years. I’m actually terrified to know what other things are out there but simultaneously, Curiosity is killing me. Going to Neverland is part of my wishes. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing. Growing is a part of life and we should learn to accept that. “Neverland” isn’t “actually” a place when you think of it. It can be a “state” — In which you will never stop being like a child.

Do you think love transcends all the material things, even physical beauty?”. Yes, I do. You don’t love someone just because they have good looks and you would be able to inherit vast wealth. But because you see their beauty within. Even though if their qualities change, you would still be able to handle them — that’s unconditional love. Accepting one another’s flaws is part of it. They say love is the key. It is a key — to unlock one’s potential to be the better version of their self. Love is dodging a bullet for the one you care about; Love is Jesus, sacrificing His life for us (He showed that love is willing the good of the other). Love conquers all strongholds. When you love someone, you will still learn to accept them. Even if they change their looks, alter their personality, or lose money. You wanna know another sad thing in this world — is that young people(some) often forget the true meaning of what LOVE is. It is mistaken for something else. There should be no such thing as “loved” because love is eternal.

Love is forever…Love will heal your wounds.