“The Last Full Show”

I am never watching last full shows again. It was horrifying. Let’s just say only a few were watching — we were among them. The moment the lights were dimmed and the movie started, I was in absolute horror. Minutes later, I found my other hand gripped to a rosary. I didn’t even remember pulling it out of my pocket. I just suddenly saw it on my hand. Something felt weird after the movie. Again, I was paranoid. It felt like my heart fell out of its rightful place. My mind was losing focus — like I’ve lost control of my ship’s wheel — like it changes its own course every second. I felt nauseous. Oh and you know that feeling when you’re nervous and something feels weird in the pit of your stomach? Well, I felt it. It wasn’t pretty. I felt like my chambers were empty. It was spine-chilling. There were times when I would just laugh it all out but truly, inside, I am screaming — in a way that I couldn’t produce a sound — like I was screaming air. It was sad. You have no idea the things I’ve been thinking, it was bloodcurdling. Eventually, for a moment in the car, I felt almost nothing — emotionless. Abruptly, it was like a bomb exploded inside my head, filling it with life-threatening chemicals that damages the brain. If only you could escape a place with a snap of your fingers.