This is a guide for complete beginners to the crypto world. Everything you need to start using cryptocurrencies and be an adequate participant in the ecosystem.

Consider this guide a map, that is showing you every interesting part in a new city. It doesn’t go in detail and doesn’t tell you much about each sight, but it shows you what is important and where to find it.

Since all the listed resources are basic, you can easily find further information about them on the internet.

I am listing the best of the best services and resources. Here we go:

1. Price tracking websites

Proof of authentication is a fancy geeky term used for a very simple action — proving that you own your Bitcointalk forum profile, when participating in bounty campaigns.

Why you need to do it?

All bounty campaigns have restriction for participation, that limits one bounty hunter to join with one account only in any campaign.

No matter if you are participating in signature, twitter, facebook, reddit, articles, videos or telegram campaigns, you need to provide and disclose your bitcointalk profile. Despite the fact, that your bitcointalk account is actually not needed for these campaigns.

Scammers and rule abusers using your profile

A lot of bounty hunters try to circumvent the one account per…

Bounty hunting and crypto freelancing is evolving and transforming constantly. Let’s see the 2019 trends.


Bounty campaigns were the first community rewards format that popped up in 2017. They are organized, structured and the tasks are time consuming and require week-long engagement. And they pay generously.

Airdrops emerged in 2018. The first ones were just giving tokens for free. Then they started requiring completing some task. Simple few-clicks tasks like a single re-share or a comment. All that for a few pennies or a few dollars. Not very different from faucets, actually.

Smartdrops are getting more and more popular in…

Bounty hunting seems easy, but it is comprised of many micro activities, which can be spread in time for as long as 6 months or even more before you get your money. Alongside the main work of creating content, there are a lot of administrative tasks, that may or may not be required.

If you are participating in dozens of campaigns, you need a reliable way of keeping track of all the deadlines and tasks needed. Otherwise, you risk losing stakes and money by forgetting or being late for some simple administrative task.

What you need to keep track of:

1. ICOs you have worked for

2. ICO end date

For content that needs more time to…

STO / ICO bounty hunting platforms provide some significant benefits for bounty hunters:

  • They get you relieved from the pain-in-the-ass weekly reporting duties. You connect your social media accounts once, and reporting is done automatically, thereafter.
  • You pass KYC just once (if you want to).
  • You provide BTC and ETH wallet addresses once.
  • You have a dashboard, where you can monitor your earnings and payouts.

All in all, bounty platforms can save you a lot of time. Let’s see the options.


By far, the largest and most professional bounty hunting platform with the most active bounty campaigns at the time…

Finding bounty campaigns for active STOs and ICOs, which has already reached soft cap is one of the most vital factors for your success.

A reached soft cap means a guaranteed payday. Here is the list of resources to monitor money raised by STOs and ICOs. The list will be updated regularly.


  1. — Sortable by funds raised
  2. — A list of sorted out quality projects
  3. — Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on LATOKEN with funds raised progress bar
  4. — Sortable by funds raised
  5. — Sortable by funds raised


  1. — Sortable by funds raised
  2. —…

At a first glance, Twitter and Facebook bounty programs look easier than making a knot on your shoes. Once you start bounty hunting them, and the volumes kick in, you see that they can be pain in the ass if you don’t have an organized approach.

Twitter and Facebook bounty programs differ in a wide set of criteria — reward structure based on your number of followers, payouts per post or per week, minimum requirements for content creation/sharing, sending reports, post bursting limitations, etc.

These rules are making some programs more demanding and time consuming than others.

Here is how…

We are bounty hunters! And we are getting paid in tokens. Selling them at 5x the ICO price, will make you jump out of your chair like a Cirque du Soleil acrobat. Selling it 90% lower than ICO price is gonna make you listen to Adele songs all day long.

The market cycle matters. And our bounty hunting strategy should be tailored to it.

Bounty hunting during bull market

We need a maximally aggressive strategy.

· Invest 100% of your time in revenue generating activities

This means creating articles, translations, social media posts, videos and everything else that is directly paid. …

The most sophisticated scams, doesn’t look like scams. They even deliver value.

Think of Bernie Madoff! He was delivering value and making customers happy for decades, while silently chipping a bit more for himself than he deserved.

Let’s define what a scam is, in order to build a framework and a line of thinking.

A scam is a disproportionate mismatch between the promises made and the value delivered.

By this definition, a project can even be a huge success and still be a scam. Just follow the thesis until the end of the article to see my take on Facebook.

What are ICO Bounty Campaigns?

ICO bounty campaigns are, in its essence, digital marketing campaigns. But instead of the company behind the ICO hiring a marketing agency to create the promotional materials for them, they are offering this to the public. Everyone can participate, create and submit a material. The ICO startup publicly announce the rules and requirements for the materials to qualify and be approved. The approved submissions get paid.

What activities are rewarded?

Translation of documents to your native language, sharing posts in your facebook/twitter/medium/youtube/linkedin account, creating gifs, memes and stickers, writing articles, making videos, etc. The more…

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