Keeping Up With the HACKcelerator: What’s New With the Asia-Pacific Teams?

We’re a quarter of the way through HACKcelerator and we are already starting to see some amazing progress from our teams!

Contestants at AngelHack Series 9 in Tokyo

All of these teams started with an idea at a hackathon, and now they’re well on their way to becoming full-fledged startup companies! As this is our 6th cohort, we have seen teams in this stage of the program pivot to move their project into something truly spectacular and more marketable to consumers. This cohort is no different, and already some of these startups are evolving into really amazing companies with even more amazing ideas!

So, let’s delve in deeper with these teams region by region! First up is the Asia-Pacific region!

Team BeBest from Bangkok — An online web-application crowdfunding platform for educating talented youth. They are finding and funding the best talent all over the country, and potentially the world because they believe there is hidden talent everywhere. However, a common issue for these hidden gems is that while they have amazing talent, they struggle with financial difficulties. BeBest integrates a database of talent into categories, that is then funded by supporters. Their idea is truly inspiring and will prove to expose people’s talents regardless of their financial standing.

Team FitWiz from Manila — Formerly called Divide By Zero, this team has pivoted their project into being a full-fledged health app with the potential to help people improve their wellness through the use of tech. FitWiz connects consumers directly with fitness service providers, and will have a subscription basis for services to put their product or service on the app that consumers can buy or subscribe to. They’re bridging the gap between people that need help with fitness and health and the people who provide that assistance, in a creative technical way.

Team HopeLab from Cagayan De Oro — Hopelab is a donation platform that maps out priority needs of a community for potential donors and volunteers to see. These needs can be viewed inside a map so that people who want to donate can search for ongoing efforts, and find efforts near them. HopeLab also shows the specific needs that a community or donation project might need, how badly they need these resources, ways to contact the organizer, and other ways that they can help the ongoing relief effort.

Team KidNEWS from Ho Chi Minh — A mobile app that improves the reading behavior for children by providing easy-to-understand daily news with fun interactions. Their app is 100% innovative and intended for the vietnamese region. After realizing that there were no news outlets for kids in their country they decided to create an awesome solution. Doing it for the kids!

Team Vibes from Kuala Lumpur — In a new city and need a game plan to plan some fun stuff to do? Vibes is here to help! A mobile application developed as a social planning platform to help young adults plan, meet, and discover fun alternative activities with their peers through in-app planning tools, chat functions, local deals and promotions as well as suggestions of curated activities for an adventurous twist!

Team Lustr from Sydney — They are a virtual sales agent that matches and connects brands to the right retailers. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia’s mecca for fashion PR and sales, Lustr is perfectly positioned to disrupt the fashion tech industry. The team is primed for success with a stellar combination of expertise in developing highly-scalable distributed enterprise systems, investment banking, creative production and styling, human-centered design, social science research, and industrial design and development.

Team Pitch inc. from Manila — PITCH aims to revolutionize the pharmacy board exam review experience by providing a digitized set of questions together with their answers and rationales. The team is steadily perfecting the product, and can potentially expand to other fields to become the leading provider of board exam review applications in the Philippines.

Team 3D Web Audition for Creative Talent from Tokyo — An online audition program where anybody can participate in auditions by uploading their own creative videos, sponsored by existing corporations that are searching creative talents such as new artists, fashion models, athletes, photographers, musicians, etc. Anybody can promote their own creative work through this platform. Winning the auditions provided in the platform enhances their chance of success but also helps them earn money and prizes.

Team Writio from Hong Kong — An online research tool that simplifies the research portion of the writing process into a more productive and enjoyable experience for students around the world. They are starting with a Chrome extension that helps students highlight, take notes, and organize ideas for their research. In the long run, they want to expand their product (possibility desktop app or Word plug-in) to help students simplify the entire essay writing process.

Team from Taipei — Ever been through a bad break up and just didn’t know what to do with yourself? In comes, a unique chatbox for heartbroken people where users can chat with others who are also experiencing breakups.

Their projects are SO GOOD! We can’t wait to see what the next nine weeks have in store for them. If this is how far they have come in only a quarter of the program then who knows what their end products will look like.

This is just one of the regions going through HACKcelerator right now, so you can expect to see some interesting projects from all around the globe as we go through the program.

Stay tuned for updates on teams from North America and follow the program on Twitter and Facebook at #HACKcelerator16!

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