Me too, three, four!

I believe you.

I ALREADY believed you. I always have. Your stories are MY stories.

Me too is not about victimhood. We are not here to demonstrate the oppressive hierarchy of society that we know exists. We experienced exists.

The movement is not about driving awareness to those who didn’t have any.

The movement is not about proving to the ignorant that we are telling the truth — we always have.

The movement is about solidarity.

The movement’s virality will have long-standing impact when our vulnerability brings us together.

Let’s not give our power away by focusing on how our stories affect the ignorant. Let’s not waste time being angry with those who don’t understand.

This is not their battle.

Empower yourself and those around you who have come forth with their vulnerabilities with love.

Demonstrate authentic solidarity.

Message them to let them know of your support. Even if they are strangers — kind words go a long way. They are all our mothers, our sisters, our friends.

Tell them how brave they are.

Tell them you love them.

Because this movement is about us. This is OUR story. This is recognizing that we are never alone, even though we’ve felt the most scared, most alone, and most powerless in the events that have happened to us— that we can regain our power by coming together and supporting each other.

share stories in ways that empower you, that do not make you feel victimized. You have the power to frame the narrative.

This is how we tip the balance of the power hierarchy. By realizing how powerful we can be when we unite. Let’s direct #metoo around solidarity and make this movement count.

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