Q2 macro trends prediction: consumer tech

wrapping up Q1 in a few days, here are some bets I’ve made with a few friends over beers.

-We will continue to experience more Story Fatigue (Snap). More people will migrate to Instagram for stories. (The ability to save live videos is making a lot of people happy.)

-Decentralization of dating apps; exclusive dating apps (Raya etc) will further fragment the market. More dating apps per user= lower quality of interaction per app = lower quality of experience = more downloads for exclusives.

-2017 is legit the retail apocalypse (malls r post-dead and 3,500 stores are closing in Q2). We should see more innovative retail concepts that are relevant to age 32 and under pop up. (Instagram, text, experiential).

is dirty lemon’s insta strategy working?

-Medallion owners and taxi drivers will self-organize beyond the current Whatsapp/Facebook groups and protest against Uber in massive waves. This + all PR nightmare will push IPO filing back for another year.

-AI is the new bacon. The hype is only helping Series A/B AI companies, but hurting younger companies. Investors are taking a lot of meetings in the space but funding has not converted.

Share your thoughts and let me know what you think. The good thing is I still have a few days to conclude my thoughts.