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AI definitely agree with many of your points, particularly the drone strikes. I cannot understand how this is something that anyone who claims to care about human lives condones.

As someone who is bisexual who interacts with lots of queer activists I’m not entirely sure the picture is clear-cut homophobia like you state. Plenty of of my LGBTQIA friends reblogged that picture, and I don’t remember hearing that criticism at all. I think there is possibly a homophobic slant but I feel like it’s a slight stretch to assume it’s the face of internalised liberal homophobia. It definitely exists though. My Mother is the perfect example- whenever I try to bring up sexuality or gender issues that she’s not quite correct on she yells at me “I marched for gay rights! I think I know more than you.”

Um sure.

Liberals like gay people when they’re cutely flamboyant white men or Ellen DeGeneres. They don’t like the idea that they may have lives not for their entertainment, with things they don’t understand.

As for the Affordable Care Act, single payer is a good solution but there are also problems with it. Doctors will likely get paid less overall, which in some specialties may not be a problem but it could possibly lead to doctor shortages in the future if it’s no longer seen as a lucrative career. There is also a concern over longer waiting times for non-urgent care. Yes your broken leg is fixed but now you have to wait a year or two to get that sleep study done. The ACA isn’t perfect but neither is single-payer. Both have flaws that need to be fixed.

You didn’t even bring up the internalised racism. Why do more white liberals not march for Black Lives Matter? Why are so many of them for halting illegal immigration by “cutting out line jumpers” instead of making it easier for people to get refuge or support their families? Why are there not more sanctuary cities?

Overall I think it’s true that liberals have a lot of thinking to do on what they really believe but I’m not sure these are precisely the arguments to lead that discussion off with.