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There’s a big difference between tolerance and refusing to speak out because “we all need to get along”. Additionally, there are some views and some problems that require “policing” as you call it. Sexual assault is one of them. This is already an issue that isn’t heard enough and I’m afraid this is one place where tolerance is often asked for when it isn’t warranted.

“We are all police.” Yes, its called a community. You can’t let shit go unnoticed and unremarked.That only allows for those in power to get away with what they do. You can’t lump in bigots and people trying to keep their community safe, and yet you have done so by including internet trolls in the same category as those concerned about supporting sexual assaulters.

Also, yes I 100% believe that kids will feed their parrots chocolate chip cookies based on minecraft. You are giving pet owners in general WAY too much credit.

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