Organizational Structure

When it comes to organizational structure, the go to definition is how we can describe task allocation, coordination and supervision which all aims to complete organizational goals. Corporations (private), Government (public), and Charities/Non-Profits are all organizations. When getting that degree and finding a career, most of us will have to choose to work in one of these three structures. That being said, when its time to consider a career in working for an organization and landing a full time position, just remember “ask not what your organization can do for you but ask what can you do for your organization!” With that being said, you most likely got the job and you take on your duties and responsibilities. Organization also play a key factor in society, and when you work for an organization you contribute to our society. Another thing to consider when taking on your position is to remember we are all prone to be affected by globalization, terrorism, climate change, and any kid of demographic change. This leads to the deep philosophical question about how can we affect society? My reaction to this is pretty much summed up by Michael Scott from The Office.

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