“They can take away our facebook but they can never take our laptops!”

Before I get off topic about the main topic of the 5 Strategies for Management Communications, lets start off with Sky’s example of how each strategies would apply to the example of how the UH President would address “the no laptop policy”. Segwaying to the significances to my title, some schools block facebook via wifi and other internet outlets so students are not distracted. However the solution to this problem has developed into banning laptops, which just crosses the line! In either scenario, student will be pissed no matter what strategy they use.

1. Spray and Pray

They leaked the info through whatever means of media but guess what there will be blood shed! Praying isn’t going to save you…

2. Tell and Sell

You wanna be delicate about the issue by using nice selected proposals on the issue well you can just eat it!

3. Underscore and Explore

Cool you’re being creative and artistic about how you’re approaching this. Kiss my butt, I’m still pissed.

4. Identify and Reply

You know we’re pissed so give us our laptops.

5. Withhold and Uphold

What do you mean you’re not telling us anything until further notice, you just sent an email about how I can’t use my laptop for the rest of my college career!

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