Leaving the Mountaintop

Sometimes we’re called to amazing places but we’re not always meant to stay there.

As many of you know I was able to serve this summer at an amazing YoungLife camp. I was part of a group called Summer Staff that was made up of wonderful, faithful, and kind college students from around the country. I’ve been in quite a slump this past year and the opportunity to leave everything behind and serve something bigger than myself seemed like a light at the end of a tunnel.

This experience proved to be one of the most raw, vulnerable, and life giving opportunities I have ever witnessed. The way the Lord’s presence transformed hearts daily, without fail, was one of the most precious things I have ever been able to observe. Serving was life giving. The community and unconditional love was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. I did not want to leave. In fact, I somehow doubled my time there, finding any opportunity and excuse to stay.

Into my 5th week, I realized I wasn’t meant to stay any longer. In fact, it almost felt as though it was selfish of me to spend more time there. See, during session, I was shown in abundance the Lord’s love and grace. I was surrounded by the Holy Spirit and was gifted with such kind words and commissions from loving followers of Christ, things I rarely experience back home, but knew it was time to go back, even if I was dreading it.

During this time, I remembered what a kind friend once told me.

Being at camp is like being on top of a mountain, only some make the trip and are able to see it’s beauty and all the glorious things God has created. But just like a mountain top, we can not reside there forever. We must go back to where we started and tell people of all the glorious things we’ve seen, in hopes that one day they will see it for themselves.”

We must share what we’ve seen, show them how to get there, and support them along the way.

Keeping this in mind quieted the anxiousness about leaving. Not too long after coming to terms with my departure, I came cross John 5:19 which was a constant reminder of what must be done- “Go home to your own people and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you.” I knew then that I had to go back and share the grace, love, and faith I have seen at camp. Knowing I had a purpose back home made the transition all the more peaceful.

Sometimes we are shown an amazing place, a community, or people for a given amount of time. We are only meant to cross paths with this for a short period in order to grow, gain hope, and give insight to others. Although we want to keep it forever, we must learn to recognize that appreciation is far more glorifying than possession and there comes a time where we have to let go in order to proclaim what we have learned.

I think a lot of the Lord’s blessings work in that way. They are glimpses of hope during dark times. Items that we can’t hold onto forever, but can cherish in our hearts for eternity. Opportunities to humble ourselves and glorify the Lord’s work in ways we couldn’t fathom before. Chances to recognize the truth, or even learning to appreciating the circumstances we once dreaded.

The Lord works in such mysterious ways and we just have to trust that where He wants us to go is where we’re supposed to be.

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