Candy Withdraws..

The first time I told someone that I was having a candy withdraw they laughed so hard they cried… I was 19 years old and eating 1.5 to 2lbs of candy a day. I woke and the first thing that I would do is eat a starburst. would brush my teeth then eat two jolly ranchers. I would go along all day and eat candy and no real food. I didn’t notice how much candy I was eating until I got married and my husband pointed it out. I noticed that I would eat a whole bag of candy and only remember eating two or three pieces. I talked to people and always felt stupid because they would say just stop not knowing that I was trying. I went online and did some research and found out that the problem was common and it took a lot of will power and alliterative options but I could control my cravings. So the next time a person tells you that they have a problem that seems silly to you, just remember that article you read about a woman who went through candy withdraws.