If there's anything worth the hate, it's hate itself.

Everywhere I go, post to post, I see these hateful comments about everything, mostly about people. We ridicule people for how they look like. We argue with those who have different values and opinions. We judge people based on a mistake. And it breaks my heart.

Everyone has the capacity to judge but it still depends on how we act on our judgements. Some may prefer to keep it to themselves while some will verbalize it. There are times when I can't help but judge another person but I guess it's human nature. Making mistakes is normal but when you're completely aware you're about to make a mistake but still do it anyway, I don't think that's normal.

I know I'm not perfect but it really makes me sad that this is the way of the world. Imagine being ridiculed for just one mistake, for simply being who you are. It may be a huge mistake but still, we are just human. I think the reason why people find it hard to become the better versions of themselves is that people won't let us. They want us to be defined by that mistake, by the characteristics we were born with that they consider as flaws. They want us to pay for it, to live a miserable life.

If you killed a person it will be hard to ignore. People will want to imprison you for life or people will want you dead. If you abused someone they will want the same thing. Because we are bounded by laws and it's not a humane thing to do.

Maybe it's wishful thinking to hope that forgiveness can be the answer. The humanity in me is tired. I want to give up my faith that people are meant to be good. But I know I can't. I cannot imagine myself having a cold heart. I'd rather hurt than have a heart of stone.

It may seem impossible but I will not stop doing my part. I'd be the change I want to see and just hope and pray that people will want the same.

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