You won’t get rich working from home

In 2009, my husband and I decided to start a business. An online business that was going to turn over millions of dollars a year so he could retire from his job. We would keep costs down by setting up a home office and not worrying about overheads. We were excited, we just KNEW this was going to work….we were going to revolutionise the way people shopped online…

yeah wrong we were….

what followed were a few years of hard slog, lucky we were working from home because there was no way we were going to be able to afford an office and staff at the rate we were going….or so we believed.

My husband ended up leaving the business to go back to work for a number of reasons but a strong one was because we needed to have a wage coming in while I continued to ‘build’ this business that really wasn’t going anywhere yet.

Luckily, things did turn around and we started earning a decent living from this online business with no overheads but again, we plateaued. we were getting busier and busier and I continued to do everything. I was holding our growth back because there was only so much I could achieve in a day.

Now, I’m happy to report that things are moving along faster than they ever have. My confidence & productivity have improved and I’m earning more money than I thought possible when we started this business. We are now hiring staff to manage the demand….

What has changed?

I moved out of the home office.

Moving into an actual office has been the most powerful thing I could possibly have done for my business. Being a part of Fabrik8 has given me clarity, purpose, motivation and certainty. I realised that when I was working at home, there were too many distractions. The washing, the fridge, the cleaning, the shopping, the cooking. All of it was on my mind while i was suppose to be working. Lately i also understand the power of the phrase “Know Thyself’ and trust me when I say “i know myself”. I have never been one for structure and self control. I would try and set schedules for myself, creating an ideal week as such…but it never worked with me…

Further, on Admin Monday, I would be sitting at the computer until 2pm and realise I was still in my PJs. Anyone who works from home or has worked from home has done this at some point. It sounds amazing…but truly, when I think back, it is completely un-motivating. How can you make convincing phone calls in your pyjamas? YOU CAN’T. I wondered why I was scared of the phone, well maybe it was like talking to someone you don’t know while you are half naked!! Now, that phone doesn’t stop. Yes, I’ve had to work through a lot of “stuff” in my head to get to this point to but it was also the same “stuff” I worked out that if I did have to start paying for an office, I might be more motivated to work harder, make that next sale! It’s the same “stuff” that I had to work out which has shown me that by hiring staff, even if I feel I can’t afford them, is the smartest thing to do because it frees up my time to MAKE MORE SALES….a glorious breakthrough and realisation right? Plus, the more staff I hire, the less I’ll need to be at the office which is obviously the goal!

Quite simply, I’m trying to say, you won’t get rich working from home. I’m not saying to go out beyond your means when you are starting up. I just mean, even if you get yourself a hotdesk, it may cost you a hundred dollars a week, it forces you to get up, get dressed and get to the office. When you know you have to pay that money, you also strive to make that one last sale to ensure you can cover the costs. I was always taught that debt was a powerful motivator…well, so are overheads!

It also helps you distinguish the difference between home time and work time. When you work from home, it isn’t unusual to work from 10am until 10pm when you are working from home. When you are at work, you will find how much more productive you are from 9am-3pm.

So get out of your PJs, get into an office and skyrocket your business career!

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