IA#5 Honor Thy Father (Film reflection)

Art is everywhere, they say. We relate art in all aspects of our life, our everyday lives, family, food, including religion. Some make art to proclaim their faith, some make art to express their own beliefs- against or not to the beliefs of others. We make art to express our thoughts and to voice out our opinions that is relevant to today’s issues. We make art to voice out our beliefs and for others to see how powerful someone’s faith is. It is created to inspire and strengthen the faith of the society- even if there are some that contradicts to it. Artworks that portray religious beliefs, characters and practices are meant for everyone, the believers and the non- believers, to see. Religion can be reflected in any form of art, paintings, drawings, sculptures, music, films, etc. We make art because we’re hoping that our work will influence and inspire others.

One example of an art that is related with religion is a Filipino film titled, “Honor Thy Father”. The plot of the film is about a family that entered into a fraudulent investment and later on, having to pay the debt to their co- parishioners. This is a story of how a person’s faith will help him/ her get through their problems and obstacles. And how long they will hold on to their faith when trouble comes.

The story of the film started by introducing the family, having a prosperous life and enjoying life’s wealth. The wife shared with others how investing their money helped them to earn more and so, their co- parishioners tried investing their money to her. Without knowing that it is a fraudulent scheme, they continued investing their money until there were no more returns on their money. The wife, together with her family, is now obligated to return their co- parishioners money and their scared that they might hurt their daughter after the attempt of kidnapping her. The family- except the father- had been devoted to their religion and keeps on attending worships and donating for their church. And still after what happened to them, the mother still hold on to her faith. The character’s religion had different roles depending on the belief of the characters- for the mother, religion will help them to get through their problems and for the father, their faith will not help them get through their problem. The film mainly showed two characters- one that believed in their religion and one that does not. The religion brought both characters in a situation where they have choose whether to let their faith do all the work or to let themselves do the work.

There are certain practices and beliefs of the characters’ religion that was shown in the film. They believe that the higher donation you’ll give to your church, the higher your blessing will be. The donors and the amount of money that they donated were even announced during their worships. They also believe in whatever the bishop says to them, the stories of miracle and whenever Yeshua talks to him. They believe that the bishop is their key to the kingdom of Yeshua. Also, when one of the parishioners will need financial aid, the church can’t give them money because they believe that it is already a property of the church and can never be given to the people. And whenever a person faces a problem, you should let Yeshua do the work because they believe that He will always provide for them. Some of their religious practices are similar with what the Roman Catholics are doing like, weekly masses and worships, the only difference is that the priest in the Catholics talk to people with a biblical basis and not just fully manifestation of the Lord.

I’ve already watched the film for three times and all I can say is that, it is indeed a very good film- all the comments and commendations for the film are correct. The characters of the film were well- selected and well- trained for the roles that they will act upon. The film, itself and its story, showed how desperate times weakens a person, wanting to engage themselves in desperate measures- which Filipinos are very familiar with. I like how the way the film started with a light drama down to the crisis the characters faced and how it exposed the actions they take in order to survive. The film portrays the society as the sinners, ready to commit violence and rage just to reach the slightest opportunity that they have. It shows that even social classes will also dictate how the society will respond to desperate times. The rich will nourish their wealth with greediness while the poor will do anything- including violent acts- just do get through it. The film uses religion and family to drive the characters. First, the film showed how the wife clinged on her faith to help them in their problem. Second, the film also showed how the husband valued their family more and will do anything to protect his family, even if doing so will cause him trouble. As one of the character slowly turns away to her faith, the other is slowly exploring and discovering his. The ending of the story was shocking, I never expected that the wife will die in the end. I really don’t understand how she died but I think the ending of the movie is somehow an implication of how the wife responded or reacted to the situation they are in. Maybe the death of the wife is somehow implying the audience that she finally gave herself up- she can’t handle all their problems anymore so she surrendered her life. The film has a very good plot but there’s no real resolution of the story. This film definitely left me hanging.

Watching this movie makes me feel like I’m one of the characters and observing how each of the people in the society act in a real world setting. This kinds of films should be appreciated more by viewers because from all the other films that shows love story, romance, comedy, these types of films are the ones that opens the real world to everyone.